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John Logan is a Metropolitan native, growing up in Annandale VA, attending
Annandale High School then relocated to Arlington VA where he graduated
from Wakefield High School. With 11 years of real estate investing
experience, John possesses the passion and knowledge to help
homeowners sell their home in creative ways. He has a love for his
community as well a love for real estate, so he combined them to start his
own real estate investing business renovating homes and restoring them back
to their glory to keep his community beautiful. John is enthused about
helping others and believes real estate allows him an alternative method of
doing this. From being a captain on his sports teams, to helping homeowners
as a real estate agent, he knows what it means to put people first. John’s
moniker is “people over profits.” Outside of real estate John coaches a
multitude of youth sports both at Annandale Boys & girls Club and Walker
Grant Middle School. The sports include soccer, football, basketball and
track & field. While in the role of a coach, he serves as a mentor for his
players and students, spending time with them outside of school teaching
them life skills and showing them they have someone in their corner.