What to do if I want to sell my house as is? | Integrity RE Solutions

The real estate industry is ageless, as people will always have the need for selling and buying properties. Everyone needs a place to live with dignity. But sometimes you inherit a house or have a property you don’t want or need. Or maybe you can’t afford to maintain the one you own.

The reasons that lead someone to sell their house may vary. It can even be related to a divorce. Either way, Integrity RE Solutions is a company available for you when these situations arise. We provide cash offers and selling plans for properties in Richmond, Virginia.

Our objective is to revitalize neighborhoods and raise the quality of living for inhabitants by enhancing the overall housing conditions.

I want to sell my house as is – what do I do?

Whether you have decided to move, or already own a second property and don’t need your current house, you can rely on us to guide you through this process. We are aware of the challenges that come with selling a house. That is why we will provide you with the best professionals and experts in the real estate industry.

Once you decide to sell your house and work with Integrity RE Solutions, we will contact you to analyze your situation. Through one-on-one conversations, we will determine your profit expectations and timeframe for selling.

Profit expectations and timeframe for selling

Sometimes customers believe their house costs a certain amount of money when in reality that is not correct. Maybe the income expected is higher – but it can also be lower. It is key to research the market and the real estate industry before making assumptions and pricing your house. That’s where our company comes in.

The timeframe for selling also plays a major role in the process of selling your house. It may vary significantly between clients. When selling a property, a lot of things can happen that can cause the overall timeline to shift.

I want to sell my house as is. Well, it’s for sure possible that someone will want to buy your house as is. It’s also possible that you’re selling in a buyer’s market, which means it will take longer to sell your property than you anticipated.

A lot of research is required before you can even consider advertising your house. Finances and the stock market must be studided. But do not worry, that’s what Integrity RE Solutions are here for. We will walk you through this process to prevent you from getting a headache.

The average timeline ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, structured as follows.

Weeks 1-2: The buyer gets a loan approved and makes an offer

Weeks 2-3: Review of legal documents – checking on the legal papers for your sale will take another seven to ten days

Weeks 3-4: Contracts signed and payments made – after everything is agreed upon, you will still need another week to draft and sign final contracts between the buyer and you

Weeks 4-6: Finalization – in this final step, you will be providing the client with the keys, evacuating extra items you forgot, reviewing the paperwork for the last time…

As you can see, selling a house does not happen overnight. Especially due to the large amount of money that needs to be transferred and the legal issues that may arise. You may want to check that there are no loans or mortgages that will keep the buyer from purchasing your property. We will help you with that too.

What options do I have to sell my house as is?

You have decided to sell your house without making any prior renovations or adjustments. You want or need cash as soon as possible. You need a quick offer, something to hold on to. From Integrity RE Solutions we offer two different alternatives for you to choose from.

There is no charge for asking an expert what option suits you best. Information is power and we offer it for free. Contact us to know what works best for you.

#1 We submit a cash offer within 48 hours

After taking into consideration your situation and the characteristics of your property, we will make you an offer in up to 2 days. Yes, that’s right. If you need cash right away and

don’t want to get involved in the whole selling process discussed above, we will buy your house and take it from there.

If you live in Richmond, Virginia, all you need to do is contact us and let us know where your house is. After reviewing your application we will come back to you with an all-cash offer. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to sell your property to us.

#2 We come up with a plan to sell your house on the market

If you are not in a rush and would rather list your house for sale on the open market, we will help you do that too. Experts in the real estate industry will assess the situation of your house, the current market, supply, and demand, and will inform you on the most appropriate approach to the sale.

You can rest assured that you will understand everything. We Will explain in detail the whole process. We know that no one likes to feel like they are walking in the dark – our customers are no exception.

As mentioned above, the process can be quite tough and exhausting. Especially if you have responsibilities such as working or taking care of your family. You are better off letting our experts handle the sale. But don’t worry, since you can get as involved as you wish – it’s your property we are selling anyway! Some customers prefer to delegate their sales to us while others like to keep an eye on the process. You do you.

We make sure to choose the best option for you. Our main goal is to enhance neighborhoods in Virginia and work hand-in-hand with you. We are honest and open about what we do. Meaning that if we think it is better for you to accept our all-cash offer, we will let you know. And vice versa. In the end, the decision is yours to make.


I have decided to sell my house as is. And now I feel at a loss. Where do I even begin?

There are several different reasons to sell a house. Inheritance, divorce, moving to another city… The possibilities are endless. Integrity RE Solutions provides you with two different options if you wish to sell your property:

  1. An all-cash offer within 48 hours.
  2. A plan to list your house on the market, guided through our most professional employees

Contact us to get an offer or plan that suits your needs. We will respond within two business days. Don’t wait endlessly – you may be losing opportunities to sell!