The Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer on your Falls Church Home.

It’s no secret that a lot of work goes into selling a home, and chances are you’re not wanting to get caught up in all of that. From cleaning to staging to repairs and upgrades, the list goes on and on. Thankfully, there’s a better way to get your home sold, and that is to sell it to Integrity RE Solutions, resulting in a sold home, fast!

Now, let’s talk about the benefits that come with choosing to sell your home through us.

  • Fast Closing.

No one wants to have their home on the market for months, or even years before finally selling. When selling to us, we’ll have you close right away. Because we’re buying with cash, there’s no waiting around for financing approvals. 

  • Saving On Repairs

No one wants to buy a home that’s in need of repairs, that’s where we come in. We will buy your home as it is, without any investments into repairs. That money is yours to keep in your pocket and use on bigger and better things.

  • No Realtor Fees

When you work with us, there are NO fees or commissions, simply cash in your bank. Did you know that a real estate agent on average takes up to 6% of your sale price? This very quickly adds up and takes away from your profits.

  • No Appraisal

There’s no need for an appraisal when it comes to a cash sale, because there are no mortgage lenders involved to evaluate the exact worth of your home. 

  • No Inspection

When buying a home with cash, flaws are expected so an inspection isn’t needed in order to point them out like a general real estate agent sold home. We understand your home comes with flaws, and we buy them nonetheless. 

  • Less Risk

Believe it or not, cash offers are stronger than offers made with bank financing. The bank does not want to lose money, so there are many steps involved before a loan is given, meaning they have the right to back out at any time. A cash offer is almost always guaranteed, closing faster and getting paid quicker!

  • Skip The Showings

No one wants a bunch of strangers walking through their home discussing whether or not they want to make an offer. No one wants to deal with the time this takes, especially if you have kids, pets or simply a busy schedule. Don’t worry about making your home smell like freshly baked cookies and vacuuming the morning of every inspection.

  • Avoiding Negotiations

If you’ve got cracked flooring, a buyer may try to negotiate a cheaper price because of this. Avoid this all together with a cash sale, we’ll buy your home cracked floors and all.

  • Less Paperwork

Say no more! We’ll take care of the paperwork for you. Not to mention, there’s far less to get though as there’s no middleman, just you and the cash buyer.

  • Reduced Stress

Moving homes is considered one of the top 3 largest stressors of your life, we’re here to make it a little simpler. Cash sales are straightforward. They move quickly, and you get paid fast. We will also pay for your move!

Looking to eliminate all these stressors when it comes to selling your home in Falls Church, Virginia?

Head over to our website for more information, or click here to get an offer.