My Woodbrigde Virginia Listing Expired. What Can I do?

Not every house posted for sale in Woodbridge, Virginia, gets sold immediately. Perhaps your agent was not a good fit, or your house received little attention. Whichever is the case, your real estate listing has expired, and you’ve returned to square one.

You may either work with your existing realtor or hire a new one at this point. Bear in mind, however, that changing realtors will not always result in a buyer. Inquire as to why your home has been unsold. Was it listed at an unreasonable price? Is it necessary to hire a stager to enhance the appeal of your home?

If the realtor is not the issue, but the house is, you may face some difficult choices. Let’s talk about your possibilities for selling a house that no one wants in Woodbridge, Virginia. Regrettably, some properties are unlovable, and finding a buyer may take months.

Understand WHY your Home Is NOT Selling

If you choose to sell your house through a realtor, you must first determine why it is not selling and resolve the concerns. Several of the most often cited causes for residences failing to sell include the following:

  1. Expensive. Homes are significant investments, and purchasers want to know they’re getting a good bargain. It is critical to price your house competitively, even in a seller’s market.
  2. Poor Condition. Buyers want ready-to-move-in properties. Simply because you’ve dealt with outdated cabinetry and dirty carpeting does not indicate that others will. You can repair the property yourself, issue a credit, or reduce your asking price.
  3. Listing that is not professional. Your listing may be outdated, incomplete, or missing high-quality images. People rely on internet listings, so ensure that yours portrays your house in the best possible light.
  4. Strangely Unique. Certain properties do not match the mold of what today’s consumers desire. Unique properties, such as extremely big homes, homes in unique locations, or homes with unique characteristics typically have more difficulty selling.
  5. Fundamental Issues. Perhaps your property has a few flaws that, while you may not consider significant, purchasers will. Even homes with strange scents might deter visitors.

House needs work, is outdated, the asking price was too high, or it was a bad market. No worries, 

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Consider Selling Your Woodbridge Home to a Cash Buyer 

Once you’ve determined why your house is not selling, you can select the best course of action. Certain things are simple. You may hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property, update your listing, and stage it. However, you cannot modify its placement or layout. And depending on the extent of your home’s problems, you may lack the time or funds necessary to repair them. Cashing out on your Woodbridge, Virginia house may be your best option. 

Cash investors invest their funds, eliminating the need for bank funding. Additionally, they purchase properties as-is, which means that underlying flaws are unlikely to be an issue. A cash buyer will make you an offer in this transaction, and if you agree, the closing procedure may begin immediately. 

Several other advantages of selling your house to a cash buyer in Woodbridge, Virginia includes the following: 

  1. There will be no inspections or appraisals.
  2. There will be no realtor fees or commissions.
  3. No staging or exhibitions.
  4. Typically, closing fees are reimbursed.
  5. Close in around one week.
  6. Collaborate with a neighborhood title firm.

Getting a CASH offer is quick and easy! Contact Integrity RE Solutions to determine the price at which we will purchase your Woodbridge, Virginia house!